The Significance Of Truth In Becoming A Public Speaking Star

The truth is the most significant tool that makes us become a success in life. While the truth can hurt, it is what people want to hear. Telling the truth during your speech however is not the only area you want to consider truths.

You will also need to tell the truth about you and your capabilities. That is you won’t tell this in the speech formally, rather you will show it in your speech informally.

People are not blind as we would like to think. People are observant naturally and will watch our movements, listening to our words and think as they do so. The feeling you leaves on people depends on you. If you come to the speech unprepared and dressed in flowered shorts, and cut-off top, thus you are on your way to failure.

That is some of those people will see you as a slouch, and a person deficient of the capability to put forth effort to attain goals, and as a person that has little regards toward commitment. Some people may say, hey this dude is cool, at least he’s comfortable.

  • Writing a speech and giving it on stage takes the willingness to take risks, however if you want to gamble on this theory that people will see you as a cool dude, thus go on, but I am not saying it is wise so don’t blame me.
  • You see your words, attitude, dress, character and all other factors of you will play a part in becoming a public speaking star. Therefore you will need to prepare, practice and learn how others have delivered efficient speeches in public.
  • The point is your dress can say a lot about you. If you dress according to atmosphere and professionally, of course people are going to see you as a well-rounded person. Still, once you begin your speech and start off on the wrong foot, that outlook of you could head in another direction.
  • Listen to the politicians as they talk, watch their body language, listen to how they talk, and monitor them so that you see their flaws and strong points. Once you view these speech deliverers use the notes you snapped from the pictures and use it to your benefit. Stand in a mirror and practice giving your speech while trying to remember what steps the politicians or speech givers gave on stage. Of course you don’t want to copy.
  • In addition, you can use your creative parent side of the brain to spice up those areas so that it will not bore or dull out the crowd. Remember, you must consider the audience while writing and giving your speech.
  • While writing your speech you can pick out the dullest parts of the speech, as well as the parts boring to you first and work through this area before getting to the good stuff. Putting the bad behind you is the first step to getting results.
  • Setting up a good time for writing your speech is ideal. If you set up a timeframe it will help you to work easily. For instance, if you write best during the morning hours then setup a time in the morning to work on your speech. Likewise, try to give your speech in the morning, since this is when most people are energized.
  • If you have a busy timetable uses your breaks to work on your speech. For example, if you are walking to the next class, or else taking a bus to another appointment, use this time to study your speech mentally. The more you practice the better chance you will have at delivering a quality speech that makes you a star. Remember, always tell the truth.


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