Steps To Follow For Becoming A Star In Public Speaking

Public speaking, hum…? How can I become a star at public speaking? It takes preparedness above all else, since you will deliver a bad speech if you are not prepared likely.

I can remember the first speech I gave in speech classes during my early days in college. I was unprepared and nervous as all get out. Still, I managed to pull it off by using visual aids, and words that some how made sense.

The talk I gave landed me a B, yet I still wonder how I managed to get such a grade. It took some time to see that I required preparing skills and organization of notes to deliver a more efficient speech the next round.

It is always a scary feeling while giving speeches in public. One thing you want to remember is before giving the speech try to talk yourself into relaxing.

  • One of the best suggestions for preparing is standing in front of a mirror while practicing you speech and watching your expressions as you go. You can also use the mirror to see areas where you can change the way you are speaking as well as areas that you can improve.
  • You can also role-play with a friend or family member to practice your speech. Role-playing can help you to prepare as well as learn how to relax as you give the speech.
  • Self-talk can help you to talk through the speech also. You can listen to yourself as you talk to find areas you can change or else make better. Listen cautiously how you sound and how you word your speech.
  • One thing you want to do before arriving at the speech is take notes. The notes can work as tools to remind you where your next step is during the speech. Practicing casually looking down at the notes and list as much as possible so that you can familiarize yourself with the words and the flow of the words.
  • Outside of notes the night before the speech you can take out the clothes you will wear at the speech. In order to have less to worry about before arriving at the public meeting, have all your notes and everything you need ready in the morning.
  • In order to feel energized during the day hours, it is wise to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning also. A healthy breakfast will also help you to avoid interrupting feelings of hunger and so forth while giving your speech.
  • You want to glance about the room as you arrive at the speech area so that you can see how everyone is seated and how the room is sit up. This could help you find a little comfort as you become familiar with the faces and the environment.
  • Once inside the building remember that these people recognize that you are human and that you are going to do the best you can. If you are a professional speech deliverer, thus you already have it down, however if this is your first time, try to remain calm by realizing that these people are humans too and they also make mistakes.
  • Now you should be on the stage with notes on the table in front of you and ready to give your speech. Likely, you are feeling a bit nervous, however act in a manner that makes the audience see that you are on top of it. Stand up straight, keep the feet balanced on the floor and use your body in a appropriate manner so that you can deliver the best speech possible, making you a star.


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