Steps For Becoming A Speaking Star In Public

Giving a public speech can tangle the nerves, since most of us find it hard to speak publicly in a crowd of strangers. Thus, the problems we can experience before a speech starts could make some us want to turn and run.

Before giving a speech a person has to consider

  • Crowd
  • Words
  • Body languages
  • Facts
  • Notes
  • Nervousness
  • Preparedness and more

It is a lot of weight on a single person, yet many of us give speeches nearly everyday of the week. How do those speaking on television give speeches without failing or feeling nervous? How can anyone stand on a stage and give a speech in the first place?

  • The first step in giving a public speech is to know what topic you are to present. You will need to conduct research to understand your topic and to pull it together in a chronological order.
  • There should be smooth flow in the speech. Writing your speech is similar to writing an essay, informative piece and so forth. Thus, make sure your grammar and spelling is corrected so that you make no mistakes during your speech.
  • You should never take your complete speech paper to the speech, rather you should take it but use notes at the speech as a substitute. The notes should prove as an aid to you when you need to recall parts of the speech and not be the total focus.
  • You could form a group of friends or family members and give your speech prior to reaching the arena where the speech will take place, if you experience nervousness. Although the friends and family members are familiar faces, still it could serve as a tool for practice. Try to think of the people in the room as strangers so that it will serve as an aid for preparing.
  • If you haven’t already done so, visit the area where you will give your speech, since it will help you become acquainted with the environment, as well as relax you. If you are in a classroom where a speech is to be delivered and know the environment you are one step ahead of the game.
  • One thing you don’t want to do is make the mistakes I made while giving a speech. I waited until the last minute, walked in the room with inadequate structures of speech material, had notes, but was too nervous to look at the notes. The only thing that saved me was the visual aids I used and the topic I presented. Luckily, my speech came from experience, or that is the topic was from my experiences which also saved me during this nerve wrecking hour.
  • Also, most people lack confidence in self. As people designed to analyze self for flaws, we often fail to see how good we can do. This is noticeable in you, however as you are giving the speech, likely the people will not notice this about you unless you unwittingly point it out.
  • You also want to become familiar with the people before giving a speech. Try to show up prior than your speech time to meet some of the people as they come in the door. Most people coming to the speech is not prepared them self always, and probably feel as nervous as you are. Be the first to break the ice.
  • As you can see before giving your speech you will need to prepare, prepare, prepare, practice, practice and practice. Speeches are a state of mind so to speak. If you prepare to be nervous, likely nervous you will be. You will deliver a speech without worry if you prepare to be confident.


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