Significance Of Scheduling For Becoming A Public Speaking Star

Now that you have your time management scheme, goals, plans, and all other aspects put together to deliver your speech, you will need a schedule. Of course, if you have a time scheme, plan, goals and the like, probably your schedule is already put together.

You will need a schedule, since it will take some of your time to write the speech, practice the speech and prepare to give the speech. Just in case, if you don’t already have it together, let’s put it together now. Scheduling includes:

  • Errands
  • Time out
  • Time use
  • Start/stop
  • Planning for the unexpected

An Example For Scheduling

You are to write a speech that is to be delivered in one week. During this week you have to attend classes, pay bills, buy groceries, spend time with the family and take time out for you.

Wow, we are off to the races, yet the last thing you want to do at the instant is try to run a marathon. The goal is to set a time limit for each task you have to do in between writing this speech.

You will require to setup a time that you can meet to research the topic, practice and prepare to give the speech. You can move ahead with less stress once you have a working schedule setup.

Likewise, you will need to figure in this equation, areas that you can abandon for the time being, until the speech is delivered. For example, you can’t miss bills, but you can ask family if they could put your bills in the mail. You can’t miss classes; however you can ask family again to purchase your groceries. See how this works?

A person digesting new information will often feel weighed down if they do not find time to have fun. Throughout this week you can have fun by setting up a brief schedule for fun time. Try to keep it short since you have a week. One half hour, or even an hour could refresh you mind however get back to work, once the timeframe has ended for fun.


Goals are necessary. By now you should have a goal in mind, i.e. both short and long-term goals. The long-term goal is to become a public speaking star. Therefore, you need to focus on those short-term goals, which will take you to the long-term goal.


Ok, for some people flexibility is a challenging task, because flexibility means you are willing to alter at any given moment. During this schedule setup you should add in a time frame for emergencies or other unexpected events, so that you will have a backup plan.

What can you do? Could you work a little harder one day? You can also plan for the unforeseen as you write up your schedule so that you make sure your speech is finished on time.

A great ideal, is studying longer than you planned. Rather if possible, work longer during the day on your speech. The harder you work the better the possibility you will finish long before the speech is to be giving.

You can contact the public library or other resources for research rather than spending hours in a building looking for facts. If you are working on your speech, try to write a few hours without over succeeding your brains welcome. That is keep, the brain fresh while working adequately and logically.

Now you can break the schedule and speech down into sections and work through the procedure consequently. In other words, we are at the stop and start point.

You will set time aside for research, writing the speech, taking notes, practicing the speech, and preparing for the speech during this time. Breaking the speech down in sections will help you work effectively.



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