Public Speaking Star – Time Management

If you want to become a public speaking star, time management is very much necessary. Heck, if you want to become successful in life, time management is necessary.

Therefore, ask you if you have a time management scheme pulled together that will help you deliver a ground-breaking speech. Let’s make a checklist to see if you have a time management scheme that will help you get to the top while delivering your speech.


Do you know what your values are? Are you slowing down to look at the whole pie? Are you doing less? Is your focus on the outcome of the speech? Are you focusing on time? Are you handling it right now? Are you continuing to experiment, observe and evaluate as you write your speech?

Let’s consider you as a right-brain candidate. This means you work from the right brain more so than from the left brain. Why is this vital? Because right brain people use their critical parent side, judging side, rebellious side, and other sides of the brain more so than using the creative parent side, child side, and so on.


Ok, now let’s look at your values. Are you looking at the concluding line of the speech? That is are you thinking about the big picture? What is the value of your speech? Is the speeches value along with your own values in sync and is your goal to be a star while speaking in public?

What if you are doing less? In other words are you spending more time doing other activities rather than working on your speech? Are there areas in your daily timetable that you can put off for now so that you can concentrate on your speech?

Is there a time space between riding the bus home, walking to the next class, and so forth, that you could use to work on your speech? You will have a better chance to become a public speaking star by applying more time to writing your speech and practice giving you speech.

Are you slowing down to look at the whole pie? Is your main focus on becoming that star in public? If you are rushing to finish your speech, probable you are going to deliver a speech that is not organized, structured, chronological, and logical, and so forth.

Instead of rushing through the process, take your time while writing the speech. If your, main focus is becoming a star then you are missing the points, i.e. you are missing out on what it takes to become that star.

Is the focus on the outcome of the speech? The chief goal here is writing the speech while delivering the speech on stage. The goal should incorporate impressing scores of people as you speak clear and loud on stage.

You are missing the point again, if you are thinking exclusively of the outcome, since you must work through the smaller goals to reach the outcome.

Danger Of Postponement

Are you handling it correctly now? Postponing is one of the most harmful and unimportant action we as people can risk. The saying, don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today applies in this time-management how to be a public speaking star scheme.

If you want to achieve being a star, thus you have to put forward the effort and carry on that effort until the finish line. You can use time management to become that star, by applying you to the task.

Are you focusing on time? Sure, as you practice the speech at home you should set the time to speak aloud. If you are writing your speech and have set the time aside to write this speech however, drop time and work on the speech. It can only add pressure, if you are watching the time.

Are you continuing to experiment, observe and evaluate as you write your speech? As you write your speech, you want to experiment. For example, if you are writing a sentence that seems to be ok, yet it appears dressing up is required, thus pick your brain to see if you can come up with an enhanced sentence that will make the speech more powerful. As you write, observe, evaluate, and experiment so that you can deliver a star driven speech.



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