Public Speaking Star – Strategizing

Strategy is a wonderful concept, as you can nearly master anything you wish to master by using strategy. For instance, if you are off to master poker you would learn by playing, reading strategies, listening to other gamblers logic, and so forth. See how this works?

Strategy – Definition

In fact, strategy defined is the procedure of adapting or utilizing the complexity of adapting to study behavior, structure and the like incorporating metabolism, which services the person to consider significant functions in the attainment of evolutionary victory.

Strategy is a scientific method of art that employs complex thoughts, opinions, theories, facts, and the like, using them together to resolve a problem.

In difference to complex thinking, strategy is the element included into the complex thought process that makes a problem come together so that it works effectively. While strategy differs from complex thinking, it is an element necessary to make it work.

Now let’s find out how you can use strategy to deliver a public speaking speech that will make you a star. Well, if you are strategically contemplating on how you want your speech to present to a crowd, thus you have your wants down.

If you have your wants defined, then you have a goal into play, which will help you reduce decisions, while increasing the chances of you becoming a public speaking star.


Do you have a plan? If so put your long-term and short-term goals together and see if you can work a strategy in between those plans to reach the aimed goal quicker. For example, if you have a speech to deliver in the next three days and only half way through the speech. What can you do to complete this speech on time?

Did you use strategy while writing your plans? Where is your written plan that exposed the holes in the plan, which you restructured to fill in the details? Does that plan have a backup plan, as you have only three days to finish this speech?

In other words, while writing your speech and preparing to deliver the speech make sure you cover your tracks. Be sure to work hard to complete that speech on time if you know what day it is you have to deliver the speech. Actually, you will finish the speech long before the day arrives you are to meet the stage if you work hard.


Spent time practicing giving the speech once you have the speech written, and prepared for the speech you are off to the next steps.

Using strategy again we can see that giving a speech is nerve wrecking. You’ve already mastered the first, second and third step of delivering a speech, i.e. all the in between steps, now you need to move ahead.

The night before you will require preparing for the speech by gathering all your requirements to deliver the speech together, and piling them neatly in an area where you will remember the belongings. This will include the clothes you will wear.

You are probably going to be nervous on the day of speech, however if you planned carefully, worked hard to meet those plans, prepared and practiced you will have a strategy to deal with the nervousness.

In between all the logic of comprising a quality speech and preparing to give the speech, you should have researched all information, collected facts, and even put together a plan to deal with this anxiety.

Remember, this is a natural procedure a human will experience. Accordingly, don’t let your nervousness get the best of you, since you will loose out on that possibility to become the next public speaking star.



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