Public Speaking Star – Muscle Up Your Head

Public Speaking StarFire up those muscles in your head and put them to good use if you want to be a public speaking star.

The mind is your channel of circuits that permit you to discover all the possibilities. The mind has many sides with one being the creative parent side.

Now of course you will require other sides of the brain to write a good speech that will make the audience stand up and praise so loud you will wish they would sit down and shut up.

However, for now we are going for the creative side and put it to good use, while slowly moving into the other sides of the brain.

Creative Side of the Brain

Using the creative side of the brain, consider on your questions. Consider all areas of the question carefully and deliberate like you are congress trying to resolve a matter. Now you can act like a weed cycle and pull up the roots of your answers.

This is at what time you will also use your critical side, parent side, and even tosses in your child side. Make this speech a night they won’t forget by adding a bit of simplicity and laughter to the content.

Of course you want to be careful about adding humor if the speech is complex as it will cause the crowd the think you are psychotic, so use you wisdom in areas of the speech to lighten the moods.

After Gathering Relevant Information

You can move onto reciting, reviewing and reviewing the parts of the speech you have developed already once you gather relevant information to start your speech.

You will also require writing an outline by brainstorming (Significance of Brainstorming) so that you have a starting point. The outline will help you to see the direction the speech is heading and what areas fit in what order.

Visual Aids

As you read the sentences, in addition you can use your creative imagination to compose images of the messages reading from the sentences. This will give you a visual aid which can help you see deeper into the meaning of the speech.

You can act like a crowbar and pry the words from your sentence while visualize its meaning and ending, which will take you in the right direction.

As you follow these steps make like you are an analyst and evaluate your thoughts, words and answers as you move along. Do the answers make sense? Do your thoughts have something to add? Make sure to write down everything what your brain speaks to you.

Now you can use your brain throughout the writing process as a camera to snap pictures of each area of your speech. The more mental imaging you put into the speech, the more likely you will come out with a ground-breaking speech.

After Writing The Speech

Ok, have you completed writing the speech already? Does it sound good? Have you covered your grounds? If so then rive up those muscles on your body and start letting them get in on the scene.

To give a good speech you will need:

  • Proper body languages
  • Visual aids
  • Explanatory words and flow
  • More to get to the stardom arena

You might want to practice using PowerPoint, since you can create visual aids for the audience which will help them to see your points more clearly. However, be careful not to use too many images.

It is time to move onto practice, preparing, practice, preparing, and practicing some more, as you finish writing your speech. Do you have an audience? If not get one, even if you have to borrow the neighbors kids, or the dogs down the road.



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