Public Speaking Star – Getting in the Mix

Getting in the mix means to bring your speech together and practice before arriving at the speech area. Giving a speech in public can un-rattle anyone’s nerves and make anyone turn into Jell-O inside and out.

Anyone will feel a degree of nervousness while giving a public speech, yet some of us will shake like chickens before, during and after a speech. The question is then, what can we do to reduce the nervousness, since failing to do so could lead us into failure.

Familiarizing With The Speech Environment

The first thing you want to do before joining the speech is to become familiar with the environment where the speech will be delivered. You can get familiar by leaving earlier the day of the speech. You can also practice briefly on stage giving your speech prior to anyone’s arrival. This will help relax the moment.

When You Are Nervous

If you are nervous, try greeting the audience at the door and shaking hands with some of the members to relax the nerves. Remember these people are here to hear what you have to say and none of these people want you to feel uncomfortable.

Most anyone in a crowd listening to a speaker holds you in the highest regards as they are aware it talks balls to walk on a stage and publicly speak. The most significant thing you can do before giving a speech is preparing.

By now you should have researched your material and took proper notes. You should practice the material before you arrived at the speech. By now you are convinced that everything you say is facts and that it flows in a consequential and chronological manner.

Be sure to get a good night rest the day before. Avoiding cigarettes and caffeine can help you rest properly. Try to relax the mind by reading or watching television. Sometimes these activities will put a person to sleep.

To avoid rush on the day, it is wise to take out everything you need the night before so in the morning. This will incorporate the suit you will wear to the speech. Also, try doing some stretches, warm-ups and cool-down exercises the morning before the speech, since it will build stamina, energy and confidence.

Some people claim that if you give the speech while visualizing self it can help relax the nerves. This is a good idea, but if you speak out loud you can hear more, particularly if you stay intuitive to your words and actions. Practice hand and eye gestures also. You should also practice how you will stand on the stage.

You can also do a few breathing exercises to help you prepare a few minutes before the speech for the speech by relaxing your mind.

Avoid Making Apologizes

You should remember to avoid making apologizes while giving speeches. If you verbally make mistakes or feel extremely nervous before the speech starts, casually move into the speech.

Most times you are the only one aware of the nervousness you are feeling inside. Most of us doubt our abilities, yet others see how well we do. If you verbally say something out of order or words not proven during the meeting, just say excuse me and clarify your information.

Try to stay focused on the topic and just think of you outside of the crowd so to speak while you are giving the speech. It is possible to break the ice by acknowledging people, yet blocking these people out of the mind. Still, you want to use the eyes appropriately to let everyone know you are conscious of their presence.



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