Public Speaking Star – Avoiding Procrastination

As you prepare to deliver a speech you must research, write, brainstorm, rewrite, take notes, practice and prepare. During this time it is significant to learn strategies to avoid procrastination, since procrastinating will only send you to the back seat.

Remember, you are the one standing on the stage and not sitting in the chair listening, so it is your duty to get it done so that you will sustain your commitment to the public.

Avoid putting it off

You will need to make the speech meaningful to avoid procrastination and becoming a public speaking star. You will also require taking your part in writing the speech. If you are wondering what to do next, write up a statement of intentions.

That is use an index card and write down what you intend to do with this speech and at what time you intend to finish the speech. Work accordingly!

You want to avoid interruptions, so you can tell friends and family that you have a project that demands your complete attention and would be grateful for any help or feedback, yet ask them to give you space to finish the speech, since it is essential.

Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility is part of growing to success. If you realize that this speech is your responsibility and you have to work to finish the speech, likely you will do well on the stage.

Meaningful Speech

If your speech is important to you and you want to become a star, thus you will make the speech meaningful not only to you but to the people too. If you want to deliver a star speech you will need to attain a working speech that incorporates informative information that will not depress the audience.

The audience will expect you to keep them interested as they sit listening to you speak. This will incorporate references and stopping points where the audience will consider what you are saying.

Rewarding you

Reward you with something special each time you finish a part of the speech. Yet make the reward a goody, instead of a reward that will set you back. Rewards often encourage us to do better or continue moving. If you feel like slacking while writing the speech push you to move on so that you can avoid procrastinating and get the job done.

What the audience wants

Accordingly, knowing what the audience wants as well as what you want from the speech will help you build a speech that will hold interest. So, you want to observe, evaluate and reflect on the speech to see if it is interesting.

While writing, divide the speech into sections so that you can move along faster. Dividing the speech into sections will help you to see areas you can make better, or else areas that you can key in on while on the stage. This could also help avoid procrastinating, since if you work in sections you won’t tire out from working long hours.

You should always revise what you have written because this will help you to see holes in the speech were you can work to fill. Once you complete writing your speech and feel tired, thus revise anyway instead of putting it off later. Remember, if you put forth the efforts good rewards will come your way.

If you experience problems while writing the speech, deal with that problem now instead of putting it off. Postponing the problems will only add bigger problems, which does not guide you to becoming a star at speaking in public.



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