Public Speaking – Checklist For Delivering A Speech

As you walk down the road of life you learn all types of tricks and trades to help you stay alive. All the tricks and trade you learn build up to make up one working human being.

So, what does this have to do with the price of coffee? It has everything to do with speech giving, since you will need to pull those tricks and trades together to deliver one speech. Here’s what you need.

Checklist comprises of focusing attention, willingness to adjust, organizing abilities, competency, positive attitude, judgment abandonment, energy, self-awareness, responsibility, consideration and practice.

  • Focusing attention– If you have the ability to focus your attention on the subject in question, thus you have the ability to believe that everything you do is something innovative. While you are on stage you will need to use body languages, including the eyes and hands to make gestures that work in accord with your speech. The eye signals will let the audience know that you are turned into their listening. This is where practice comes into the scene. You should use your mirror and pretend you are in front of the crowd while giving your speech and watching your every move.
  • Organizing abilities is essential while delivering a speech. In fact, staying organized is essential in all areas of life. As a person who lacks organizing skills, I am speaking briefly on the topic. I know what it takes, yet some of us have difficulty putting it together. Thus, try to keep your speech organized and on track. As well, keep your notes legible, on track and organized. Organizing takes practice, information, parts, and so forth and the ability to sort it out.
  • Willingness to alter– Unknown is what scares people into believing they will fail. A speech deliverer seeking to be a star will accept the unknown and move ahead. All of us have an overall ideal of what we feel, think, and see. One of the golden rules I’ve learnt in life is to never let anyone deceive me in what I say, hear or see. Only my eyes and ears can know what happen, thus this is a ground point for building confidence. Stand firm! Yet, you need to make alterations of your personality and speech as needed to deliver a sound proof topic.
  • Positive Attitude – Attitudes make all the difference in the world. If you have a negative attitude, more often than not people will put you down. I cannot stand a person thinking negative, since their negative thoughts could reflect on me, which I will not let that happen. Just think I’m not alone in this way of thinking.
  • Competency – Means you will study putting the speech to second place. Practice until you have the speech down pat. Practice some more to confirm your competency and apply your findings in your speech.
  • Energy – positive attitudes brings forth energy. Exercise brings forth energy. Eating healthy brings forth energy. While writing a speech and preparing for deliver brings forth energy. Knowing you have the facts brings forth energy. Feeling enthused about what you do bring forth energy. Prepare!
  • Self-awareness – What an awesome ability we as humans have to self-assess self, studying our own behaviors, actions, words, and so forth. Use your gift!
  • Judgment Abandonment – Thou’ shall not judge, and this includes you judging self. During the writing of your speech if you provide opinions, theories and so forth that just doesn’t seem to lead to facts, don’t be afraid to abandon those ideals. Be prepared to listen carefully to opposing ideals as you move along in your speech and research the topic. The ole’ saying seeing is believing, or I’m from Missouri the Show ME State, falls out of order while abandoning judgment, since you will conform your mind to, is it possible this ideal is the truth?
  • Responsibility – Knowing your responsibilities is a, sure fire, step in the right direction to delivering a public speech that will make you a star.
  • Consideration – If you have the ability to do so, considering your audience will put you on top of your speech. People know when you are considering them as you talk, act and so forth. If you show this consideration, you will have attentive listeners. Practice!


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