Motivation Helps You To Become A Public Speaking Star

Get those engines roaring get those brain cells prepped up because you are on the journey to becoming a public speaking star. Don’t be under the impression that you are going to be a star by expecting everything to fall into your lap. Therefore, you will need to apply you wholly without reservations so that you can become a public speaking star.

Motivation – Definition

Motivation is a promise. It is a commitment that you make to you and to the people you are working to impress. Motivation is a friend to human discomforts. Motivate to turning your discomforts into positive output, is changing the way you think.

You can also alter the way you speak by varying your attitude and body gestures. Practice in the mirror so that you can see your own actions while listening to your voice out loud.

Change the areas in the speech that bore you, changing them to an inspiring aspect while writing the project, practicing and preparing for the speech. Move to another location where you can feel comfortable if the surroundings you are in disturbs your human nature.


You should also use self-talk, especially in confusing areas, or areas that you view as negative. Talk through the areas so that you can see the positive light in the subject. For example, if you notice a sentence in the speech that just don’t appeal to you, brainstorm to see how you can change this sentence to make it lighten your mood. Remember also that what may bore you may also depress an audience.

Goals And Time

Remember the goal is to be a public speaking star. Therefore, you want to put forth your best efforts, while making the tasks easier on you. If you have a problem meeting deadlines, you can modify the date the speech is delivered mentally, which will turn up the heat. This will give you time against time to move ahead.

On the other hand, take some time out for you to evaluate the situation if you are overwhelmed. If the feel overwhelmed likely you are pressuring you about the finishing date and seeing you as a nervous wimp on the stage.

Get out of the moment and think of now so you can complete the speech. You can also reread the speech to make sure it is not overwhelming that it will devastate the audience. Try to spice up the speech with sprinkles of humor throughout the pages.

Fun Time

If during the speech writing process you come to a road block, try to put down your pen and paper, do something fun and come back to it later. Fun time is important since it will take some of the weight off.

If you are writing the speech and feel parts of the speech are not worth your time, try to come up with some constructive ideals that can help you enhance the part.


If you are stressing too hard over the speech you can ask your family, friends or colleagues for support. The support can help you to see areas that you might want to change, or else help you to feel more relaxed through the procedure of writing, preparing and practicing for the speech. You can also ask these people if they will sit and listen to your speech and afterward give you healthy feedback. This can prove advantageous.

If you are nervous about the final day, try to remember that anyone will be nervous on the speech day regardless of how many times they gave a speech. Therefore, learn to accept your human nature discomforts and use them to your advantage.



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