Mastering the Tasks For Becoming A Public Speaking Star

It takes a course of mastering the tasks for a person to become a public speaking star. Just as you begin learning as a child, you will need to follow the same pattern. That is you create confidence, or break confidence.

Therefore, to become a public speaking star you need to learn to build the confidence in you. Love to learn and live to grow! First, you need to know what it is you want to achieve before writing your speech.

Process of Writing the Speech

What do you want from this speech? Do you want the speech to be successful? If so before starting the process of writing the speech you have to set the ground rules. Likely you already have a topic in mind. Use that topic to its fullest and bring together a full story that will deliver a point. You want start, middle and finish.

The steps to delivering a star speech is starting from scratch and know what it is you want before getting started. Next, you will need to setup a place and time that you can spend on working to finish the speech you will deliver.

You will need to have privacy and calmness for about one half hour to get the start off the ground. Take a few moments before writing the outline to clear your mind.


The start is scratch, i.e. write down on paper a brief outline of the speech you will deliver. Write down the start of the speech, a center and finishing line point s outline. Thus, relax the mind again and continue, if you feel frustrated.

While considering the timeframe, you can write the outline it will take to finish the speech during the actually event, so that you have timing down. Thus, use a clock to time yourself after writing the speech and practicing giving the speech to know if you will pass the timeframe.

Experience says it all

If you have experience in any area of the topic you can use, by all means do so. People have a tendency to believe someone that has experienced rather than someone merely relaying what others have told him or her.

Post parts of the speech about your home after you have written the speech so that each time you walk by you can recite the information. This will give you the capability to improve the memory. Build that brain!

Skipping The Speech

You can also skip around in the speech as you practice giving the speech so that you can become familiar with points you want to point out at the speech. Be careful, since skipping around could confuse you and you may forget start to end.

If you find your points always write them on index cards, taking legible notes so that you will have a reminder.

If you write down areas of the speech and see that it doesn’t fit, make sure you scratch it and rewrite the speech so that it will fit. If you see areas where it is usable, by all means construct it so that it brings out the point.

While writing the speech, if needed be sure to rewrite and rewrite. The more you write the words, the more you will remember those words, which is one of the best things I learned in life. In addition, reciting out loud builds memory.

Be sure to put yourself in the scene, while you are writing and reading the speech, so that you will have a clear feel of how the speech will reflect on other people.

If You Are Nervous

Practice giving the speech with friends or family before going on stage if you are nervous. This will help you, since even while giving speeches in the company of friends and family it can be nerve wrecking.

Well, now you have worked through the course of writing the speech, take time to prepare and practice while timing yourself as you move along. Timing yourself will cause nervousness, thus this will help you to prepare whil e learning to relax in between.



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