How To Improve Your Speech? A Variety Of Relaxation Exercises That Help You!

Improving SpeechHere are the relaxation exercises that improve the quality of your speech.

Find out how to perform these exercises and practice.

Exercise for your arms:

Stand relaxed and upright. Place your hands to your sides and lower your shoulders.

Relax and release the arms, let them hang Inhale deeply and raise the arms until they are way above your head.

There should be no straining at this point. Hold your breath and reach and stretch as high as you can and are able to go. Exhale and lower your arms again.

Exercise for your hands:

Do the same procedure as for the arms, but clasp your hands together, when you reach above your head position. Next start gently rocking, swaying and moving them side to side as you keep breathing in and out.

Breathing exercise:

Inhale and exhale as normal. Rise up your arms on the next inhale (still relaxed) and now hold your breath and your arms at this horizontal position. Try and reach and stretch as far as your arms will let you go. Slowly exhale and return to resting position.

Exercise for your whole body:

Move your whole body. With your head and neck very much relaxed, shake your whole body vigorously as if having spasms. Move every muscle and every part of your body.

Exercise for your hips and waist:

Place your arms to your sides, relaxing the head and shoulders as well and start revolve at the waist, rotating your hips. Reverse and go in the other direction.


Imagine what it would be like to walk like someone under the influence. Next relax your whole body and imitate this pattern of behavior. Relax all your muscles and see how far you get!

Posture and position of your body:

Drop your head downward to your chest and your arms drop down as if to touch the ground. Relax your body. Your posture should however be straight.

Now gradually come back up and slowly move back to a fully upright position and inhale deeply all the way up.  Raise your head last and exhale in a long cleansing breath.

Exercise for your foot:

Put one foot slightly forward as if taking a step or lunging.  Placing all your weight on this forward foot, have the back ward foot lightly touching the floor, (keep it there throughout the exercise).

Next, slowly raise one arm while inhaling deeply and reach out as far as possible. Relax and reverse your position. Do this a couple of times.

TRY yawning:

This is a great way of finishing off your routine. Imagine and imitate yourself yawning a long yawn and while you are inhaling, slowly raise up your arms and stretch and relax (as if waking up) Repeat this movement a couple of times.

You will tap tremendously into the energizing qualities and rewards of these exercises and practice sessions, if you hold some positive and suitable thoughts or goals in minds.

You can also try and envision the parts of your body that you are using and simulating.



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