How To Become A Public Speaking Star

How to become a public speaking star depends on you and the endeavor you want to put forward to make your speaking work. Public speaking is the procedure of delivering quality words with appropriate body languages to a public in an effort to reach a point. It is the capability to stand up and say something while connecting with the people at the same time.

If you want to make someone pay attention, you have to give visual and audio, along with proper body signals and professional words that everyone can relate to is one of the best things I learnt in speech class while at college.

Accordingly, while giving the speech it is always best to give a talk that gives a sense of humor periodically throughout the speech. People like to laugh, and if you are talking serious all through the speech, people will feel tense. Relax the moods.

You will need to observe the expressions on the crowds face to see when a sense of humor is needed.

As of professional words, keep in mind that I am not speaking of talking big words throughout the speech. Rather, you should keep it simple, informative and get to the point by providing illustrations all through the talk.

One thing you don’t want to do while speaking in public is to jump the rails. Thus, while speaking in public stay on track and give hints that lead of to the point. You will confuse the audience, if you jump rail, as well you will likely make people want to leave the room.

Dressing To Fit In

As for dressing, it is wise to check out the environment before attending the speech to get a feel of the room and the colors in the room. Try to dress in sync with the rooms color and atmosphere since it will leave an impression.

You also want to take proper notes before delivering the speech, since you can casually look down at the notes as needed to see the next direction you will go. Try to use the index cards for notes, since it is more appropriate for speeches than pad paper.

The key to speaking in public and being a star as you speak is preparing. If you are prepared, likely you will flow smoothly as you speak. Preparedness comprises proper notes, research, dress, practice and the like.

Using the body

While giving a speech you want to use the eyes to look right, left, center, and back again to let everyone know that you are aware each person is in the room. This will bring the crowd closer to you.

You want to use the hands to send signals that are in concord with your words. You can also use your head and shoulders, as well as your feet and pose. Keep your back straight, feet balanced on the platform and turn slightly and slowly as you speak, or rather while you are looking right, left, center and back. This will let the people know you are not a zombie.

How to be a public speaking star depends on what you are willing to do to make it happen. You are on the road to becoming the star you want to be if you are willing to prepare, practice, take notes, learn body signals, and how to respond to the crowd.

Realize however, that we are all imperfect human beings, therefore don’t expect perfection from you, since it won’t happen. Try to always do the best you can and keep the best intentions in mind and you will do well anywhere in life.



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