How To Become A Public Speaking Star – I Have Children

Public SpeakingSo you have to deliver a speech and children to attend to in between.

Sometimes it seems not possible to write the speech while the children are screaming and playing in the other room.

Your task is to deliver a speech that will make you a star, but as you see it now, this star is not happening.

Well, I have children too and have to write articles every single day while dealing with my children in between.

The reality is it is possible to write a speech and prepare to be a star while taking care of your children.

What you need to do is setup a ground rule that everyone can respect. Let the children know that you haven’t forgotten them, yet you have a task and this task may take you to success which will advantage everyone.


Your best bet is to plan activities for your children so that they will be busy while you work on your speech. You can possibly use one room in your home to let the children play. Try to make the room sound proof so that you won’t feel interrupted by noise.

If you are good, you can block out noises while you work. Researchers have provided overwhelming information that claims reducing noise will help you work better, yet some of us know what we need to work.

As one of those people I turn the television on and let it roar in the background as I write. I work better this way, yet some people can’t seem to handle noise pollution. So, ensure you have quiet time while writing your speech.

If the children have a bedtime that leaves you a little room for getting tasks done while getting the proper rest, then by all means use the time.

Take The Help Of Your Children

If your children are feeling left out, you can also ask them to join in a game of writing a speech. From the mouths of babes come some of the most impressing words.

Your children just might be able to offer you some details about your speech that you overlooked, as well as offer you details you didn’t know anything about. Ask for help, yet make it a game where everyone can have fun.

Construct A Routine

Try to construct a routine that will work well for all of you while you are writing your speech and dealing with children. Ask your children for support while you work on finishing your speech.

Let them know that this project is a nerve wrecking and that any support you get would be more than a welcome. Try not to become angry if your children interrupt you at the most inopportune time.


You must realize that you may endure interruptions while writing speech. Include these interruptions into your time management scheme so that you can prepare for delay.

Most people are not aware of this, but if you put forth the effort and have an overall view of what you are doing, you can get done sooner than you believe. It takes effort.

If you feel like you are up to your wits ends, tell you to get with the program and do something anyway. Even if you have to write a few notes you have made the effort to becoming a public speaking star.

Now you are at the time you will deliver your speech. Be sure to get a good night rest the day before, and prepare before you go to the place where you will give your speech.

Make sure to arrive few minutes ahead of the speech, in order to get familiarize with the environment and possibly meet some of the people as they arrive also.



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