How Notes Will Help You In Becoming A Public Speaking Star

Efficient notes have helped many speech givers stay on track down through the years. If you ever noticed the president speaking in public, from time to time he will casually peer down at his notes. This helps him to stay on track as he gives his speech.

One of the better options of note taking strategies came from a college student named Pauk who named the note structure Cornell. One of the most essential tools you will have as you give your speech on stage is structures and formatting of notes.

You will need good notes if you want to deliver a top dog speech. So, we are going to take notes while writing your speech.

An Example

Let’s say you are writing a speech on enhancing the environment. You will need note that are in sync with what you want to say.


Environment – The environment, foundation, purify, enhancement…

You can see that the main points are noted here rather than a complete sentence.

Next Heading: People, environment – how the people can help, environment, enhance, city, etc.

Environment: reactions, actions performed,


As you can see the structure will give you the keywords that will help direct you to the point you wish to make. You will need to draw up vertical lines at the bottom and top of the page to write the notes.

Draw the lines so that they are one ½ inches away from the papers edge. You will begin writing your topic of consideration at the right side of the paper and use the left side to fill in keywords.

Diagrams And Images

As you write notes also use diagrams and images. This too will help enhance your memory. As you write notes, be sure to copy the facts or record them so that you will remember to write them in your speech.

One of the best policies of writing a speech is not only taking notes but draw up an outline of the speech and review, preview, question the facts, seek answers and so forth. This will help you to write a more effective speech that will stand out as you give the speech on a stage.


As you take your notes you can also use the mind to create maps. Try to write in outline format while writing your notes so that it leads you in the right direction. You should always use keywords that reflect on the direction you are heading.

That is you should write keywords that brings you to familiarity. If you have a hard time remembering, the keywords that bring familiarity will enhance your memory.

Overall, you want to take notes, create outlines, preview, review, plan, know what you want, verify the facts, and so forth. As you take notes, don’t forget to use graphical signs. This means you will use parentheses, brackets, squares, circles and the like to bring out a point in the notes.

You can also use underlining, stars, flags and so forth to mark key points. Make sure to write the notes in opposing colors as you take notes, such as using red ink, black, blue and other colors of ink. This will help you keep a visual organized note.

Finally, use common abbreviations, blanks, tape recorders if required and so on while writing your notes. Overall, you will need to learn proper note taking, since these notes will prove valuable on the stage. Therefore, go out and read up on any information available to you so that you can write a speech that will work to your benefit.



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