Becoming A Public Speaking Star – You And Yourself

Public SpeakingIt’s not just what you speak, but how you dress up, how you greet people, how you walk, stand, etc that make your speech and you worth listening to.

All the aspects joint make you efficient and a crowd puller.

How often do we see a politician giving a speech in casuals or while sitting on a chair?

Well not unless he wants to lose badly or is not in a condition to stand due to a broken leg.

Keeping the following points in mind would definitely help you in your way to becoming Public Speaking Star.

The Way You Dress

You must be comfortable in whatever you wear for the speech. But that does not mean that you wear a t-shirt while giving a speech in a formal get-together just because you feel comfortable in it.

One must always keep in mind that it’s not just the speaker who must be comfortable in his clothing but also the listener must feel comfortable with the dress of the speaker.

In order to find out what dress you should put on it’s always better to ask what others or the organizers would be wearing for the occasion. Always try to avoid glittery or ornamental clothing. Try to be as simple and sober as possible.


Leave your hands free after the greeting. But don’t move them a lot, only as much is necessary. Keep your hands close to your body in the beginning of the speech. Later when you become comfortable with the circumstances use them to make gestures. Proper gestures along with the right speech can be really efficient.

The Way You Stand

Always stand straight. You must never stand with your body stooped or inclining to your left or right. It shows that you are confident and poised. Never rest your body on the podium or dais. Keep your hands on the dais if you want to, although straight hands are much better.


All of the greatest speakers of our times have mastered the art of voice modulation to win over the crowd. Use your voice efficiently. Keep changing the pace at which you speak. Put a lot of stress on the areas you want to highlight.

For instance you may want introduce a new idea and its benefits to a group of people. It is always better to put a lot of stress on the benefits and quickly speak on the disadvantages. Change your pitch and tone as per the mood of the audience or the kind of environment. Such changes to your speech bring it to life.

Eye Contact

Wile delivering the speech, eye contact is always significant. When addressing a small gathering always try to look into the eyes of as many people as possible. Looking into the eyes of others makes them feel incorporated and not left out of the speech and keeps them interested.

On the other hand if you are addressing a larger audience then try to move your eyes slowly from left to right or vice versa. It helps in generating a connection with the audience and keeping them interested.

The Choicest Words:

The words that you use in your speech should suit the audience. It should not bore them or make them feel it’s not for them. Never mix languages a lot. A lot of speakers make the mistake of adding a lot of French or Spanish or Latin proverbs to make their speech impressive.

All this yields nothing more than irritation of the listener. To explain them some scientific fact or any other technical stuff, try to use a layman’s language when addressing a general public gathering.

Using technical jargons during such occasions is like speaking in French in front of group of Japanese people. Instead try to add some words or one-liners of the local language.

So keep in mind these aspects the next time you go out for delivering a speech and you’ll see yourself climbing the ladder to becoming a Public Speaking Star.



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