Becoming A Public Speaking Star – Signaling

If you are thinking of the speech only, remember it is not just what you say at the presentation. Rather, you need to consider dress, since your clothes will say a lot about you.

People tend to set their own views by looking at a person as they first appear before their eyes. People will often think you are professional, if the person is dressed nicely and proper for the moment.

People will also notice the way you walk, the way you stand on the stage, and so forth. You can get a feel of the room and likely you will greet people as they come into the room if you arrive at the presentation area earlier. This is significant because how you introduce yourself will also leave an impression on the people.

Therefore, you should consider all factors of the speech while working toward becoming a public speaking star. You will see that most people stand a certain way on the stage and as they speak they will often use their hands, eyes and shoulders to make points if you notice programs or speeches. Body language sends messages that people can relate to.


You should consider clothes that will match the environment and crowd. Also, you should consider clothes that will make you feel comfortable, since tight clothes will only cause you stress.

While dressing for the speech keep in mind that people tend to feel comfortable with certain attires that match the occasion. Making sure the audience is comfortable is significant since these are the people you want to impress.


Voice modulation is significant if you want to attract the audience. It is vital while on stage that you use the voice effectively while speaking clearly and loud enough so that the audience can hear you.

You should always use emphasis as you speak, especially when you want to bring out points in the speech. You should change the tone of your voice to match the audiences’ mood.

Eye Contact

You will need to make proper eye contact while on stage. The eye signals will let the audience know that you are aware of their existence and you appreciate their attendance. If possible while on stage try to look left, center, right and back again as you speak.

This will let everyone know that you are aware and appreciate their attentive patience. Looking into their eyes will make the audience feel that they are a part of the speech.

Gestures and Posture:

The posture should always be straight. At no time on stage should you slouch, or incline the body to one side or the other. If you keep the posture straight it shows that you are confident.

While giving your speech you should also avoid resting the body, arms and the like on the podium. You can however rest your hands on the dais since your notes will be there for you. However, you should not do this all through the speech. During the greeting you should keep the hands fee.

Avoid moving them, yet keep the hands close to the body. Especially do this at the beginning of your speech. If you start to feel nervous on the stage, make in sync gestures with your hands so to make the nervousness less obvious. If you learn the proper gestures and words while giving your speech you can leave a lasting impression.


Your words also play a vital role. The words you speak should make the audience feel comfortable. It will frustrate the audience if you are using words that make no sense. Make sure to clarify the meaning of the words so no confusion is available if you have to use big words to make your point.



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