Become A Public Speaking Star With Discovery and Intentions

What is discovery and intentions and how these tools could help you become a public speaking stars.


Discovery is not the focus, rather statements of discovery is where we are heading.

A discovery statement is learning to declare your goals, plans, wants, and so forth. It is a tool of description that describes and points out your feelings and what they state, your attitude, a record of your behaviors and a transcription of your thoughts.


An intention statement is the defining of the discovery statement. This indicates you will learn from discovery and work toward changing your findings through intentions. This is a declaration of the particular goals or tasks you have in mind.

The declaration will help you to work toward specifics while taking actions that work in harmony with your goals. The intentions come into focus based on your choices and the way you will steer your energies in the direction to attaining your goals.

The motivation behind discovery and intention declarations is to prep you to work toward you wants and goals. If you want to give a speech that makes you a star, thus the goal is to deliver quality, facts, sound, and the like reaching a point while maintaining control.

Now combining the two, we can see that once we write down our goal, wants, plans, and so forth, we will consider our self internally as we move along. Otherwise we can miss significant areas of personality that can hinder or make our speech.

You want to consider weaknesses and strengths while writing your discovery. After you find these areas, analyze them and see where you can build on the weaknesses and use the strengths to your benefit.

As you move along in your journey to writing a good speech and preparing to deliver the speech, you likely will make a few mistakes along the way. Don’t beat yourself down as you make these mistakes, rather use them to your benefit by learning and growing.

Note Your Progress

The most significant thing you can do in any area is always note your progress while using it to your benefit. Now we come to the point where you can understand the discovery and intention declaration strategy.

You will consider what it is you want from the speech in the declaration of discovery. You will move onto the next consideration, which incorporates observing the actions you take to work toward that goal.

Listening to you talk

You will now move into the next step, which incorporates listening to you talk and watch how you act as you practice giving your speech. Always take notes of what you are told in the mind while writing your speech.

Some people fail to take notes from mental pictures which they will forget later when they realize how vital the tips were.

Moving on you will now monitor your physical traits while working toward the completion of your speech. Notice how your body responds, take notes and do something about it. Put the intentions in practice.


Learn to deal with natural nervousness. If you notice areas where you feel nervous, thus take these physical flaws and turn them into a positive energy. Say to you, hello human being I am not perfect but I am doing my best.

Judgment Of Self

Now you can move onto the next step, which is sending judgment of self on vacation. Pamper self throughout the discovery phase so that you will learn to build confidence.

Learning To Tell Truth

The final step in the discovery phase is learning to tell the truth in all areas. The truth is unbreakable, meaning there is not a single person in this world that can laugh at you, call you a liar or ignore you as long as you tell the truth.

Always Be Positive

Moving into the intention phrase you will see from the discovery phrases that positive is the center of concentration. Here you will look at all positive throughout the procedure of preparing your speech.


Moving on we will consider values. Find your values and uphold them, since this is essential in delivering quality. Also, keep up to date on your topic for speech, since this will help you to maintain control.

Learning your interests, practicing your speech and accept support that comes your way in a positive light is the final step.



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