Become A Public Speaking Star By Making the Changes

You have to learn to make changes to become a star in any area of life. Let’s begin by analyzing a theory or statement that has been passed down through the years by a number of people.

Ok, older people often say they are set in their ways. This is telling you that they are not willing to make new changes in their life. None of us are set in any way, rather we all, in spite of how old we are, are able of making positive changes.

Accord to the statements handed down through the years as we grow older we lack the capability to alter habits formed through influences and the like. What does this have to do with becoming a public speaking star?

It has everything in the world to do with it, since you will require making changes as you move along. As humans we habit forming creatures rather than naturally created habits.

To give a speech that will make you a star you will require a good attitude, which composes a positive output. You will also require a naturally body language and words as you move along; or else people will think you are superficial.

Therefore, what you will require to become a public speaking star is:

  • Facts
  • Intentions
  • Will to change
  • Support
  • Feedback
  • Practice and more practice that suspends reproach


The truth is the ultimate tool that will stop people from laughing at you, unless you are telling a joke. The truth will make people listen and think about what you are saying to them.

The truth will work toward your goal, as you speak the facts to the public, by driving you straight to the point. Let the truth set you on the way to freedom.

How do I get the truth?

You get the truth by researching your speech topic. If you are experienced on the topic all the better, but find topics of similarity that proves what you have to say. In addition, always use for example in your conversation because it gives the audience a reference.


Intentions are good or bad. Most times you will do a good job if you got the best interest at heart. Intentions are resolves. Intentions is what a person intends to drive home while putting forth the effort to drive it home.

Thus, draw a picture mentally in your head of your speech and how you will deliver that speech. Take mental notes as you draw up that mental image of your speech and make changes as required. If you see your attitude is negative, turn the negative into a positive, since this is a path to stardom.

Make changes while writing, drawing up mental images, assessing you, and so on in small doses as you move along. Large changes can cause stress, therefore keep it real.

Support And Feedback

Support and feedback can make all the differences in the world. If possible ask your friends and family to listen to your speech, and accept any feedback they give you whether you like it or not.

Make sure you ask them before you give the speech to them to tell you the truth about how you delivered the speech, including how you acted as you were giving the speech.


Now we come to practice. In fact, you are practicing while giving the speech to family and friends, yet it takes more than one occasion to make practice turn into a winning hand.

The ultimate technique of changing habits is putting your good works to good use. Thus, the more you practice, the more you will work toward a positive road in life.



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