Beating Down Self For Becoming A Public Speaking Star

Unfortunately one of the common traits of human race is beating down one self. Not everyone does this, but many of us will which can lead to nervousness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and the like.

Be Honest To Yourself

Thus, the first thing you want to do is learn to be honest with you if you are preparing to give a speech. To get started sit down and pick your brain to find your good points, and see if you can come up with qualities about you that you can use as an advantage. What good things have you said and done in life that made a difference?

What type of person are you? If you see we are moving toward self-talk, which is one of the best therapeutic strategies ever used in therapy both internally and externally. Once you have all the good qualities about you pulled together, search through them to see what areas could advantage you while speaking in public.

Setting up small goals is the next step for you, such as what you want to present in the speech, and how you want the speech to influence the crowd. As you start writing your speech, always think of the people in the crowd, since it is these people you want to impress.

Furthermore, always work toward goal specific. If you know what it is you want before starting, the people will know what it is you are saying.

Getting Started

You are now finishing the writing of your speech. You are aware that notes are to be written in legible structure on index cards. If you have problems writing notes, which are legible, practice taking notes, since you will require these cards all over the speech. Practice works toward quality.

Try to gather a group of people to give your speech to if you feel the speech is complex, so that you can work through the procedure. Make sure the people are willing to watch you give the speech, critique you, and offer helpful suggestions along the way. Any advice if positive and in sync is always helpful.

While you are writing and reading the speech, be sure to look through the papers while listening to self talk out loud, looking for areas you may need to alter. Always think positive and try to write a positive speech in spite of the complexity.

Timing Self

While giving your speech time yourself as you move along. Set the timer so that it will go off at the time you are to end your speech. This will help you move toward accuracy in giving a quality speech in fixed time.


Exercise is a healthy building tool for delivering a quality speech. In other words, practice delivering the words out loud as you move along while you write the speech, so that you can hear the affects of the speech.

This will help you greatly. Practice sound, clearness, efficiency and tone. If you feel you are talking to low work on your tone as you move along. Try to reach a balanced tone.

Writing the Speech

Make sure you read, reread and rewrite where necessary during the course of writing the speech. Take out what you can’t use and keep what you can. Always note the key points while reading a speech and speaking it out loud.

Again, during your preparing and practicing if you make mistakes do not beat self down, rather take the time to realize you are human and as long as you try your best, you did the best you could.



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