Achieve Synergy Or Physical And Moral Aspects Of Speech Together!

Public SpeakingThese are the most important factors in public speaking and speech in general. These factors improve the speech quality.

Here is the information about how to achieve these things together:


This is the stating point for many things in public speaking and speech in general. Strength and vitality matter, as does appearance.

It is of utmost importance that anyone involved in public speaking maintain this condition at all times. “Your health is a key part of what you do and a prerequisite for success and sustained results”.

Daily attention must be given to physical exercise, deep breathing, bathing, sleep, diet, and recreation.

The fundamentals and basics of the art of speech: elocution

The art of the ‘voice’ and of speaking publicly should be enabled by a firm handle and practice of the basics. Knowing what to do when is the key.

It should look natural and easy, flow subtly and not seem mechanical. Vocal training, practicing in front of a mirror and quoting experts all helped others keenly master this art and science until it became second nature.


All about the look and first impressions, we have to take special care on how we look, appear/appeal to others. It could mean our success or failure.

People have bias and prejudice and we do things unconsciously at times. We pass judgment and make assumptions.

Pick an ensemble and accessories that are plain, in good taste and not over-the-top. Avoid visual distractions (bright tie, oversized jewels. Be stylish and well-rounded. Immaculate and clean.



BOTH character and reputation matter for public speaking.

There are four essentials in the character of a public speaker:

  • Reputation, in the better sense of what a man truly is.
  • Good sense or zeal with knowledge.
  • Expert acquaintance with his subject, or evidence of special research and superior knowledge.

Philanthropy, or a sincere interest in the welfare of an audience and a desire to move them to action.


Having the guts, conviction and confidence, the character; to speak up convincingly and with influence and authority.

Having a good deal of thorough knowledge of the subject in hand; lots of rich vocabulary and championing the cause your are positioning and advocating are all important aspects you need to hone, harness and refine.

You also need to be sensitive as to who your audience is and what their needs are individually and collectively.



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