Writing Therapy – What Is It Useful For?

Do you have a personal diary or a private blog, one that is a receptacle for your inner most thoughts and feelings and a faithful record of all that happens to you?

Do you also find that expressing yourself through your writing can be therapeutic and helpful? If so you already know the basic tenets of Writing Therapy.

Writing therapy relies on the benefits of self disclosure to help individuals and significant studies have been carried out by psychology professional James W Pennebaker on the subject.

In his experiments he was able to demonstrate that writing about one’s deeply traumatic events, was able to significantly increase the physical and mental health of subjects.

It is not just at the mental level that improvements are noted; writing therapy is able to initiate improvements at the physical level as well.

The immune system may become strengthened as a result of writing therapy, decreasing the number of times you need to visit the doctor, with improvements being noted in antibody levels, long term serum measures, cell activity, and muscular activity and enzyme levels.

Behavioral markers and psychological well being can improve as a result of writing therapy, and there can be an improvement in sensations of distress and depression according to the subject’s own evaluation.

Anyone can give Writing Therapy a try: if you are comfortable with pen and paper, just get a diary from your stationer.

If the typed word is more your speed, get yourself a free blog on Blogspot, WordPress and a host of other websites and just let yourself go! If you don’t want others to see what you write, your blog settings can make it completely private as well.



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