Why Will Power and Discipline is Important?

Will power and discipline are the two most important virtues needed in order to develop and grow as a responsible human being. But what does these terms actually mean?

why will power and discipline is important

What is Will Power?

Will power is our ability to control the harmful impulses. A combined feeling of happiness and optimism helps to develop will power. Will power is the main virtue that aids in developing inner power and control the unnecessary and useless habits. It is to set positivity in our mind and clear out negativity from our brain. Will power is the strength of a conscious mind. In order to develop will power, you need to focus on your goal and get control of the emotional or behavioural responses.

What is Discipline?

Discipline teaches you to get responsible, punctual and lead the life in systematic way. It is the habit which should be practised at every age. Discipline plays vital role towards the success and meet the ends of the goals set in life.

Significance of Willpower and Discipline


  • Will power boosts your brain; with the development of will power you develop the strength of mind to achieve something. Even if it’s a challenging task, you get the inner boost to be the gainer only if you have will power.
  • This virtue helps you to stay away from negativity and mental ailments like depression, forgetfulness and other issues. It helps you to stay calm, composed and well balanced.
  • Will power helps you to develop self control and ability of systematic planning.


  • Discipline helps you to stay focused towards the work and achieve the goal. It is a habit which we can practice and build in our day to day life.
  • Some basic aspects of discipline are punctuality, time management, priority setting, and ability to organise and divide work in segments to cover them all up in stipulated time. If you are disciplined, you can achieve all of these easily.
  • Discipline teaches you to respect others; as you respect your lifestyle and adapt the ways of discipline, you in return respect others you are associated with your lifestyle.

Developing the will power and self discipline can make a great difference in your life, both are vital for success and personal growth.  Will power and discipline cannot be achieved in a day – it should be a lifelong practice and only then they will help you to reap benefits. Following are the ways how you can maintain a well disciplined life with will power –

  • Believe in yourself; do not underestimate your abilities. Hear to criticisms but take them in a way to improvise your skills. A person who criticises you actually wants to make you a better human being!
  • Practice meditation and simple physical exercises on regular basis; sedentary life has no goal and to trigger the “mantra” of life you need to keep your physical self agile too.
  • Read books that talk about positivity, will power and organising skills. Everything does not come through management classes; you can read these non fictional books yourself and gather inner strength.

Finally, you need to keep time for yourself. These virtues are usually instilled from childhood but there is no age for learning and development, thus you can definitely achieve will power and discipline if you want to at any age!


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