What You Say About Others Says A Lot About You, Say Researchers

Be careful what you say about others, because this is very revealing of your own self, say researchers. US researchers say that describing others in positive terms reflects a person’s own positive attitude. It has been found, that our perceptions of others reveal much about our own personality.

own personalityIt was found that those participants of the study who judged others positively were also seen and described to be happy, enthusiastic, courteous, kind hearted, capable and emotionally stable by others as well as by themselves.

By contrast, those who view others negatively were seen as being narcissistic and given to anti social behavior as well, according to the findings of the study. According to Dustin Wood, assistant professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, seeing others in a negative light is associated with a number of negative personality traits.

And this tendency to see others in a poor light is significant not only because it is indicating of a persons’ own negative traits. It is significant also because seeing others negatively increases one’s own chances of suffering problems such as personality disorders and depression.

So there may be something to that old adage after all – Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil!



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