Understanding Your Smile And What It Says About You

A smile they say, improves your face value. A smile can make you live longer, according to recent research because it reflects a more optimistic view of life which translates to a longer healthier life.

smiling womanHowever, a smile is also very significant in terms of what it says about you and about the all important first impression that you have on others.

The type and speed of your smile says a lot about you according to a study conducted by the Go Group UK. This is what they found:

  • If you smile too quickly or all the time, people perceive you as insincere. It does not make the person feel special.
  • Also if you smile immediately you come across as too eager to please, this lowers your status.
  • A smile that does not reach the eyes is also does not convey the impression of sincerity.
  • The slow smile that spreads up to the eyes is more acceptable and treated more warmly.
  • They categorized smiles into the (a) “Enthusiast” (big smile showing the teeth, eyes wide) can be considered pompous. (b) the “Big Freeze” (the constant practiced smile) which lacks genuineness and (c) the “robot” (the tiny, polished smile) which is perceived as being without warmth or affection.


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