Turning Negativity Into Positivity

There is an old story about farmers in a region not making a clearing of trees by cutting them down.

They simply form a human circle around the tree and render it with the choicest of abuses, daily. This makes the tree wither and die. Such is the power of negativity.

negativity into positivityThere are many negative forces working against us in these present times such as recession, joblessness, inflation, failure to get a hike, spiraling prices, political disturbances etc., putting across one essential question, “How do we remain positive with all this negativity around us?”

The answers are well known yet not diligently followed.

Given below are tips to help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Have a positive outlook on life: Gift Time to Yourself.

Once you feel refreshed, happy and energized you become equipped to take on life’s worries in a much better way. Find time for your friends and family.

Learn to enjoy the company of others but make sure you spend time with those who have an Optimistic approach towards life. Enroll yourself in a volunteering service, help others in bad situations, which will in turn help you look at your own life’s situations in a positive light.

Keep a track of what is going on in the world: Knowledge is Power.

Read newspapers, watch the news on the TV and keep yourself informed on all the events happening in this world. Though the news may have lot of negativity, but by keeping yourself informed, you fear less, and are equipped to tackle issues in a positive manner, as and when they happen.

Help others to overcome their negative thoughts: Help others and in turn help yourself.

By helping someone else in coming to terms with their negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones, you are in fact helping yourself. You learn to tackle various kinds of negative issues and their ways of overcoming them. Your own problems seem less important and are easier to find answers to.

Resolve your financial issues: Free yourself from the worry of what-ifs of Life.

If you are in a financial mess, make a plan to come out of it. In these days of recession, being in a financial mess would complicate matters a lot, leading to lot of negativity in life. Therefore it’s best to chalk out a plan of action by taking stock of your income, assets and expenditure and resolve your monetary matters.

It is also best to remember that there are many out there who are in worse situations than you are. This albeit may sound selfish, but you do derive momentary satisfaction from this knowledge.

Try and be in the company of people who have a zest for life: Every happy friend increases your own chance of being happy by 9 percent. Each unhappy friend decreases it by 7 percent.

According to research we humans have something called mirror neurons in our brains, which simply means we copy what we see and this happens without our conscious knowledge.

That means, even if we are not negative people by nature, our sub-conscious mind absorbs that negativity and imitates it.

Therefore, always be in the company of those who have a positive outlook towards life. You will simply copy what he or she is. That means just by being in the company of happy people, you will yourself be a happier person.

Remember life is too short to be wasted on negative thoughts. Enjoy life in its entire splendor and do not allow negativity to mar this beauty. A happy future beckons those who have a positive outlook towards life.



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