Turning 30? It Could Be the Best Time of Your Life

turning 30Turning 30 can be a milestone that many may not welcome and yet it bears thinking about. However, there are many benefits that the 30’s bring along. Some women who are in their 30’s share their thoughts –

  • One 30 something thinks this is the best time of her life – she is financially secure, has her own place, a comfortable lifestyle and can afford to indulge herself.
  • By the time people are in their 30’s they are emotionally more experienced, so that within the first few dates one is able to gauge if this is the man who is going to pop the question sometime in the future and is also aware of what is to be done to get him to pop that question!
  • By this time you are confident of your body and are not hesitant to talk about past experiences.
  • You are still young enough to make amends in life – professionally and personally – by the time you are 30 you are more sorted and better able to achieve your goals.
  • This is the halfway mark on the journey of self discovery and you are more confident and less worried about other people’s opinions. You know where you want to go, how to get there and enjoy the ride as well!


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