Top 3 Signs That You Need A Makeover

There are times when we feel like we no longer look as attractive as we thought we were.

In times like this, we start to feel less confident and insecure especially in public.

Instead of going out and have some fun, we just stay at home reading a book, watching a movie and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Now this is where a makeover comes in. You can tell if you need one when you notice the following signs:

1. You feel ugly

    Once you start feeling ugly inside, you will look ugly outside. This feeling results from insecurities about your self.

    2. Your friends often comment on your look

      Your friends are the first people to notice changes in you. They will tell you frankly that your hair looks like a bird’s nest or you are too fat to wear a skimpy dress. Later on, they will start avoiding you if you haven’t changed a bit.

      3. You are the subject of the family’s joke

        Your family may crack jokes about you but that is their way of saying you don’t look too good. They may even ridicule and embarrass you just so you can change your image.

        Looking good starts from within and is reflected in our outward appearance. Remember the three signs above so that can tell when you need a makeover.



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