10 Tips to Boost Productivity: Work Smarter, Not Harder

No one wants to be the drudge forever chained to their job; the one who neither seems to make much progress in their career, nor seems to get much accomplished in spite of trying. So how do you get to be that other person; the one who works hard, goes to school and gets a lot done and then also has time left over for some fun and leisure? You can visit this site here to learn how an online degree in organizational leadership can benefit you. It will not only boost your productivity, but it will also make your resume much more attractive when searching for your next job.


Here are some tips to work smarter and get more done to boost your productivity:

1. Consider physical comfort and minimize fatigue

Is your workstation optimally positioned to give comfort and minimize discomfort and fatigue? Poor lighting, glare, uncomfortable or non-ergonomic seating can all add to work fatigue and lower your productivity.

2. Cut out the distractions

The social networks can eat into your work time, so resist the temptation to comment on a friend’s photo or check a video sent by a co-worker or chat with a cousin about their trip abroad. Don’t keep checking your email several times a day. Don’t lean across for a bit of a chat with your co-worker. All these are distractions that slow you down and significantly reduce your output.

3. Set targets and let others know about them

When you set deadlines for yourself, you spur yourself on to meet them and complete tasks on time. When you let others know about them, they may well help you or do you the favor of keeping out of your way.

4. Don’t eat at your desk

Don’t think that you can get more done by working while you eat. Rather taking a proper break for a meal can give you a well earned rest that refreshes you for more work.

5. Prioritize and do the toughest tasks first

Do what you dread first; or that which you know is going to be most difficult and time consuming. You will feel such a sense of achievement and relief after this that other tasks will become a lot easier to accomplish.

6. Keep a realistic perspective

Don’t overestimate or underestimate the difficulty level of a task. Make a realistic estimate of how much time and effort a task will take. Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be and also don’t underestimate the difficulty so that you don’t meet unforeseen hurdles.

7. Reduce clutter

If you don’t need it today, it shouldn’t be on your desk. Take just a few minutes at the start of each day to declutter not only your desk, but also your surroundings and see how much that can improve your mood and productivity.

8. Complete what you start

Once you have the momentum going, make sure you utilize it to complete the task you’ve begun.

9. Delegate; really delegate

Delegation means that you assign a task and leave that person to get on with it. It doesn’t mean guidance; it doesn’t mean giving direction or interfering. Try and bridge the trust deficit you may have with a co-worker for this.

10. Give yourself a pat on the back

Reward yourself by doing things you enjoy when you’ve accomplished what you set out to. So what if your boss didn’t give you well deserved pat on the back; you can do that for yourself!



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