Tips to Be a Good Team Player

Having team spirit can be useful for so many different scenarios in life – when at work, as part of a parent-teacher association and even in familial interactions. Several character traits can be developed and nurtured to become a better team player.


Be more flexible

Being able to adapt to change, particularly when things don’t appear to go according to plan, and to strategize anew when problems arise are some of the key aspects of a team player.

Be willing to compromise

Being rigid or sticking to your own point of view may be disastrous for the interests of the team. Expecting to get your own way all the time is not only unreasonable but also counterproductive. So one has to be willing to listen to and consider another point of view.

Tell the truth but make it pleasant

Criticism can be a tricky thing to offer since the receiver may so easily take umbrage. So develop ways and means to get your point across but in a non-critical and pleasant manner.

Also be prepared to accept suggestions or faults correctly pointed out. This can make for a convivial and cordial atmosphere.

Really listen

When someone speaks to you, don’t just hear them, actually listen to them; do them that courtesy.

Admit mistakes

Before someone else lifts the accusing finger at you, admit any mistake that you have made. This can make you the bigger person and command respect from others.

Taking responsibility for your own actions rather than trying to blame others or circumstances can be vitally important to developing team spirit.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Knowing yourself well and acknowledging strengths and weaknesses will help you make the best possible contribution to the team. Remember each person brings a different quality to the team and each can be a very substantial contribution.



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