The World’s Bad News Should Not Make You Miserable

selfhelpLiving in the modern world can often lead to a mood of hopelessness and a feeling that everything is beyond our control.

With bad news constantly delivered to our doorsteps sometimes guilt can stop us from striving to improve our own lives.

Being compassionate to others is a very noble state of mind but a self imposed suffering does no good to anybody.

In reality a more positive outlook in your own life will enable you to achieve much more than sitting around worrying.

Often other people can be inspired by connecting with the positive energy than an individual gives off.

For example someone who decides to shed a few pounds in order to improve their life and self esteem. Their success story will often be just the motivation another person needs to cut out candy bars and start taking exercise.

This is a very easy theory to prove just by smiling at people you meet, when you are out shopping or walking in the park. In most cases their reaction will be a positive one and often that can then create a chain, because they will then smile at the next face they see.

Looking at it logically, if you did not exist, it would not mean that everyone else has more air to breathe. If you are miserable and sad your head will be facing down towards the ground, you will barely be aware of what’s around you. There is nothing positive in that, which will have an uplifting effect on your fellow human beings.



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