The Importance Of Having Patience In Our Everyday Lives

patiencePatience most definitely is a virtue. If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that patience is a virtue.

I find it easier to be tolerant, easier to forgive and easier to suppress anger than I find it to be patient with people and situations. [anger management techniques]

People like me who are easily irritated, get irritated and overly annoyed by the smallest of situations. For example I get irritated when I am the passenger in a car and they are going too slowly.

Actually I get irritated if they are going the speed limit. I get irritated and highly annoyed if people are taking too long to tell a story. I also get irritated when people interrupt other people or when they are rude to people.

These are all situations that having a little more (ok a lot more) patience would do me a lot of good.

There are millions of people just like me who are smiling and nodding their heads right now because they know exactly what I am talking about.

It is so important to just breathe and realize nothing is going to happen. So what if I am the passenger and the driver is going too slowly for my liking? So what if the person is interrupting someone it isn’t my position to say anything; it is the person’s who is being interrupted responsibility to call out the interrupter.

And if someone is taking longer than I think they should to tell a story it clearly means I need to sit back and relax and realize they must get a lot of happiness out of telling their stories that way.

The alternative to accepting these behaviors, taking a deep breath and realizing nothing terribly wrong is going to happen if I just accept the situation is to confront the situation or have a little ‘fit’, which, having a little ‘fit’ would far outweigh the issues at hand that made you impatient in the first place.

Now depending on your level of frustration when irritated you may have a few other issues to deal with. Many people and they are mostly men get so impatient and annoyed that these feelings of annoyance turn into frustration and, within a short amount of time the frustration can turn into aggression.

If this sounds familiar and it may be what you experience you should really concentrate on being a little more accepting of other people.



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