Stop And Pay Attention; Your Life Is Passing You By

paying attentionDo we ever stop what we are doing to simply listen to the wind soughing through the trees outside the window?

Or do we ever stop to smell the freshly mown lawn next door?

Why is it that we are all forever rushing along, never stopping, never talking a moment to pause and appreciate the good things in life, things that we all take for granted?

Let me tell you about an experiment that was organized by the Washington Post to analyze the priorities of people, and to find out if people do indeed stop and pay attention to their life, or they simply go on living day after day.

On a January morning, a violinist took out his violin and played six compositions for a total of forty five minutes, in a metro station in Washington DC.

No one, not one person, stopped to listen to the beautiful notes that the man was producing; everyone was in a tearing hurry. When the man stopped playing, no one was there to applaud him, or perhaps no one even noticed that he had stopped playing.

The man was Joshua Bell, who used a violin worth 3.5 million dollars, and who is one of the best musicians of the world! All the people who has passed him by without a backward glance really did miss out on something so precious that had been given to them free.

This example will teach us all to stop, and to pay attention to what precious and valuable things life has to offer us.

We must learn to pay attention to what our children may teach us, we must learn to pay attention to the things around us, that may have a direct or an indirect impact on our lives, we must pay attention!!!

Paying attention in fact allows us to muster our intelligence, our emotions, our feelings, and our sensitivity to life in general.

Here is how you can start paying more attention to your life:

  • Listen to your children, and to your spouse. [Listening Skills]
  • Make sure that your child is taught to value his life and all that he has in his life. If this is done at the right age, then he will be able to uphold these values through his life, and teach them to his children as well.
  • Pay attention to building up relationships, rather than on mere living.
  • Make sure that you sit down as a family to at least one meal, everyday. This in itself will create strong bonding between the members of the family, and pave the way to better communication and more interaction in the family.
  • Learn to pay attention to your environment, and how it affects you, and also how it has been neglected, and also think of the methods you can use to save your environment.

Pay attention to your life; it has many things to offer you.



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