7 Steps to Personal Awakening

Personal growth is a means of sculpting yourself to a being enlightened with self awareness, which has the ability to help you recognize your talents and potential, enhance your quality of life, realize your dreams and aspirations and re-establishing your self esteem and confidence.

A part of personal development constitutes developing the aptitude of people around you. All great minds have sought the way of personal growth to change the framework, norms and people around them. It is required for economic, industrial, personal, biological and organizational development and encourages improvement of the contemporary methodologies for a better future.

So, you must realize the importance of personal growth to reconstruct yourself to a responsible and successful being, which, exactly, is the objective of this article.

steps to personal awakening

Barriers to Personal Growth:

To know enhance your spiritual being, you must be able to acknowledge the barriers on the path and seek for ways to surpass them. The barriers to personal development have been listed below.

Blaming Others

Take complete responsibility of every aspect of your life. On facing failure, do not victimize yourself or blame others for the consequences. You may tend to overlook your own drawbacks and hence this hinders your personal development.

Past Failures

Avoid dwelling on the past failures or events and learn to move past them. Learn from the past mistakes and prevent their recurrence but do not intimidate yourself by worrying about them as it keeps you from accomplishing your goals.

Lack of Support

Be in presence of motivators and only those people who encourage you to pursue your goals. You may have to make a tough decision if your friends or family are not supportive of your aspirations for abolishing barriers to personal development.

Isolation Barriers

Never refrain from asking for support or help as they can actually be liberating and ease your way to your goal. Try challenging this barrier of isolation which hinders your personal growth and get out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised to find how generous the world around you can be.

Barrier of Distrust

You sometimes tend to be cynical and distrust the people around you, which may be a consequence of your earlier experiences. Trust requires personal courage and some amount of faith practicing which can give you benefits immediately and heighten your personality.

Obscure Goals

Map out your goals and develop a hunger within yourself to achieve them. This is valid for all spheres of your life- from relationships to career. Affirm your goals, and reward yourself on achieving them.

Ego Barriers

Do not keep yourself from seeking assistance even from people who are less experienced or able than you. Ego creates insecurities thus creating a resilient barrier to your personal development.

Any person who has overcome these barriers will be gifted with a successful life that every being desires. Remember, no one will construct your destiny for you, you have to assemble your fate with tenacity, hard-work and by personal growth.

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