Top 7 Sings of Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex is a state where a person tends to persistently believe and feel that they are not as good as others or are not able to measure up to others.  It is a definite sign of low self esteem and is a feeling of ‘I am not good enough’.

Most of us have had a feeling of inferiority complex at some point or the other, even if we don’t realize it or admit it. But there are many signs and symptoms to detect this issue and following is a list of the top 7 signs of inferiority complex.

sings of inferiority complex

1. Increased Sensitivity to the Opinion of Others

One of the major signs of inferiority complex is a heightened sensitivity to the opinion of other people.  If it really matters to you what others think and you try to change yourself according to them, then this could be a sign of low self esteem and confidence.

2. Social Withdrawal

If you really dislike being within crowds and social gatherings because you may not feel as good as them, then this too could be a sign of inferiority complex. If you would rather not find out what others feel about you and do not have the confidence to meet and be with people, then this is a definite indication.

3. Performance Anxiety

If you hate competition and hesitate in performing in front of people, then this is yet another symptom of low self confidence or even inferiority complex.  This means that you don’t like to face people and being judged by them and are very aware of your shortcomings.

4. If you Pull your Own Self Down

If you constantly think and talk negative about yourself and pull yourself down before anyone else can, then this too may mean that you may have an inferiority complex and you get dominated by others who you think are better than you.

5. Lack of Self Motivation

If you just cannot seem to motivate yourself or talk to your ownself positivity, then this is another symptom or indication that you may be having an inferiority complex.  Lack of self motivation means that you just cannot find god things about yourself in comparison to others.

6. Inappropriate Response to Flattery

If you hear something good about yourself and are not sure of how to respond or react because you were not expecting it, then this too is an indication that you may be having an inferiority complex.  This may mean that you are inconsistent with your interior feelings and may be desperate to hear good things about yourself from others.

7. Tendency Towards Seclusion and Sensitivity

Since people with inferiority complex think that they are not as intelligent and interesting as others, they may seclude themselves and may become sensitive to people in general. Not only do they avoid speaking in front of others but also don’t feel good about comments about them and may take it to their heart to the point of sadness or depression.


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