Simple Tips To Say ‘No’ In A Polite Way!

Did you ever come across any situation in your life where you have to say no to your colleague, friend or even to your parents? Turning down a friendly request can make others to feel awful about you.

But, at times, in certain situations, it becomes often necessary for you to say no, where you don’t want to get yourself together.

“No”, though it is a simple word to say, there are certain instances in your life where it’s just not that simple as it seems to be. Rejecting a request or saying no will not be that easy for you, particularly, if you are used to say yes all the times.

So, if you are interested to learn to say no respectfully, then here are certain ways, which can practically help you in rejecting insistent requests in your life.

Try to confess completely!

Never try to fabricate your reason to say no by adding an extra flavor to it. Admit the truth; this is the best way to reject undesirable things in a respectful manner.

Never interrupt the other person while requesting!

Try to be a good listener and listen to the request completely. Don’t interrupt them in between while making their confession with you.

Be calm, honest and polite!

When you are trying to say no to a person, try to confess it in a polite way. Avoid escalating the situation or alienating the other person. In general, your friends, colleagues or family members will love to accept honest ‘no’, rather than a delayed refusal or an untruthful ‘no’.

Don’t feel obligated to explain!

When you have your reasons and you may not wish to discuss them with others, then don’t try to force yourself to explain your reasons. Instead, try some other means to reject the request. Try saying something like, “I’m sorry”, “I’m just not able to” or anything which you think apt at that moment.

Stand on your word!

When your friend or any other person doesn’t want to accept your answer, make them to realize that you have made up your mind and you are not going to change your decision.

Let the other person down gently!

You can have many good reasons, but it can be quite tough task for you to turn them down. So, try to compliment the other person or your group’s effort while saying NO to their request, this can help you to alleviate the blow and keep you in good graces.

These are certain ways which can be helpful for you to express your rejection in a much soothing way. If you really believe in these ways, try to implement them in your life and enjoy stress free life.



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