Self Acceptance and Personal Success are Often Two Sides of the Same Coin

The expression that you are your best judge fits the bill perfectly when you want to opine that self acceptance leads to personal growth. Often it so happens that you are too egoistic to accept your huge faults and flaws, and when you go through that stretch of feeling that nobody understands you, but you and everyone else is just trying to pull you or your self esteem down by pointing out the flaws you have, well, in that case, you have some serious introspection time coming up.

Self Acceptance vs personal growth

Self Acceptance and Professional and Personal Success

Even though, you may not be well versed in human psychology (as a subject taught in schools and colleges), you will still be able to fathom this mystery of how you accepting your lower self or selves can pave the path of your becoming successful spiritually as well as materialistically, or in other words, becoming successful in your professional as well as personal lives. Self acceptance and personal growth are linked to each other as a hand to a glove and one cannot be achieved without realising the other. It is important for you to be your worst critic and also your best fan, so that you can start working on achieving personal growth by accepting your flaws and working on them.

Growth is Impossible without Acceptance

When it comes to understanding the thin red line that separates self acceptance and personal growth, it is of primary importance that you realise first what you are dealing with. Essentially, the self acceptance of your flaws will let you concentrate on the higher end of achieving personal success and one cannot be imagined without the other. It is tricky business to accept them and move on in the direction of personal success, but when you start your quest in that direction, you will see that the journey already started with the first step. And this first step is the acceptance that you are not perfect.

When you start the process of accepting your flaws or faults in order to grow, you are, again essentially, becoming aware of not only your weaknesses but also your strengths. And the ideal way to balance the weaknesses and strengths in you is by setting small and achievable goals. These goals will generate a sense of attaining personal growth in you, while you also get the opportunity of identifying your areas of improvement and start working on them. When it comes to attaining personal growth there are no shortcuts. The cookie can only crumble when you stop compromising and start accepting who you really are!

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