Releasing Unsupportive Patterns Of Life From Your Mind

anxiety3Did you know?

  • Anxiety can eat away at your courage and self confidence, and make you eventually unable to give your best performance at whatever you wish to do.
  • Anger and frustration can rip away at your heart and soul, thereby making you incapacitated and incapable of good performance.
  • Doubt, hesitation and reservations can make you vacillate and waver, and make you unable to make proper decisions whenever you need to or must.
  • Frustration at not having achieved at whatever you wanted to do can work at making you quit even before you have tried your best or put in your best efforts according to your capability and capacity.
  • Guilt can make you unable to enjoy success when it finally arrives and knocks at your door.

Researchers have found that these and other similar emotions are the only things that can stop a person from becoming a top achiever and from meeting success at all his endeavours.

However, at the same time, say researchers, these thoughts and emotions are the only things that will coerce a person to achieve great things. So what do you do if you want to release unsupportive patterns or negative thoughts from your mind?

Here are some tips for you:

  • If other people see you as a failure, it does not necessarily mean that you are a failure. You need to re-think your thoughts and re-arrange them so that you know and you are convinced that you are not a failure by any means at all. You have to know that you contribute directly or indirectly to the kind of person you will become, and you must also be aware that there may have been certain habits that may have contributed to your perceived failure. After all, old habits die hard, but if you believe that you can, with your own efforts, bring in a change in these ingrained habits, then you are on your way to eventual success. Keep at it, and remain positive [Positive thinking].
  • Use the technique of visualisation to overcome your bad habits. For example, instead of seeing the obstacles to your success as insurmountable blocks of granite, think of chipping away at the block of granite bit by bit, listen to it, and see it in your mind’s eye as it falls victim to your onslaught against it. Or else, think of walking around the block of granite instead of trying to climb over it, and hey presto, you have reached the other side!
  • Try your best not to pass the buck for your condition on to someone else. If you see yourself and your shortcomings and failures for what they are, and stop blaming others, then you are well on your way to acknowledging that it is you who are in charge of your life, and no one else!
  • Try not to become overwhelmed by the struggle ahead; keep your wits about you, and you will succeed, slowly and steadily.

Think positively, remain positive in whatever you do, and be a positive person.



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