Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

We’ve all been in situations where things don’t go according to plan. But that’s not what is important.

What is essential is the way we talk to ourselves about these situations.

Talking to ourselves negatively can make us feel awful about ourselves and make a difficult situation worse.

What if you accept the fact that you will be going late and instead of worrying about the consequences and beating yourself up over it, turn the experience into something positive?

What’s the best way to flip from negative to positive self-talk? The first step is to recognize what we are doing. Far too often, our thoughts pass through our minds without us even being aware that we are thinking them.

When we really listen to what we are telling ourselves, we will see that the negative self-talk falls into four basic categories:

  1. Criticizing ourselves (i.e. I’m horrible at such and such. My friends are much better than I.)
  2. Giving up and saying that things are hopeless (i.e. I’ll never be able to do such and such.)
  3. Worrying about the future (i.e. What if such and such happens? Won’t that be terrible?)
  4. Concluding we should be perfect (i.e. I should be able to do such and such. If I can’t, I’m a complete failure.)

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