Nice Ways to Say No

For some reason, it is always easier for men to say no; they are just being assertive – women on the other hand are expected to be nice and cooperative and more helpful; if they aren’t, they are given unflattering labels.

nice ways to say noWomen tend to be people pleasers and less confrontational and so end up being saddled with tasks that they would really rather not do.

So how do you avoid the resentment and anger that will inevitably follow being saddled with unwanted tasks? Here are some nice ways to say no –

  • Understand that by complying with requests all the time, you get viewed as a reliable doormat.  Also this won’t earn you respect since helping out actually prevents people from becoming self reliant.
  • When you say no you may feel guilty and awful about turning someone down at first, but with some practice you can do it.
  • When you feel that an unwanted request is coming your way, try and head it off.
  • When the request is made, pause for a bit, as though considering it. That way the opposite person knows that you give their request consideration before refusing.
  • When you say no, don’t explain or go into a detailed apology – explaining will give the opposite person wiggle room and apologizing will offer them a chance to manipulate you. Be polite but firm when you say No.


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