Men And Women Are Different Due To Nurture And Not Nature

The answer to that eternal question, “Why are men and women so different” is a unique one according to recent research – They aren’t that different! The popular perception of one being from Venus and the other from Mars as also the assumption that one can read maps and the other can multi task and connect better emotionally has been attempted to be debunked by recent research.

neurological differences between sexesNow scientists are challenging this “pseudo-science of “neurosexism”” which wrongly, according to them, stresses the supposed innate differences between the sexes. Their contention is that there are no major neurological differences between the sexes other than slight variations.

It is argued that this only helps to perpetuate gender stereotyping and may actually keep individuals from realizing their full potentiality in life. Since boys are not expected to be great communicators, perhaps this lowers their chances of working hard at developing good communications skills.

Women are not expected to be good at math, and so perhaps their education in this direction may not receive requisite attention.

The contention is that children are not born with intellectual differences, but that they actually learn them in an environment of gender stereotyping in culture. While there are differences, between the sexes, they are minor in scale and gender expectations should not be an obstacle to each of us reaching the actualization of what we are meant to be.



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