How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Your Strengths?

strengthsDo you know what your weaknesses are? If you are aware of your weaknesses and if you are able to accept them as a part and parcel of your basic character and personality, then you will be able to successfully change them into your strengths.

Remember, there is not a single person among us who does not have weaknesses, or strengths, and while some people overcome their weaknesses and move on, some don’t, and these are the people who become failures.

It is indeed possible to overcome the weaknesses that we are born with by learning skills on the way that would enable us to conquer them, and turn them into areas of our strength.

Imagine an interviewer asking that dreaded question: what do you think is your greatest weakness? While some people may answer with too smart sentences like “I am a workaholic”, this will not make an impression on the interviewer.

Instead, if you were able to say, “My organizational skills are not too good”, you will be acknowledging your weakness to the interviewers and demonstrating to them your emotional strength and self awareness.

You could also say, “I know they are not too good, and that is why I am making an extra effort at bettering myself.” The interviewers will most certainly be impressed with your honesty, and your capacity to learn and adapt.

Develop the right mindset to deal with your weaknesses. Remain positive, while at the same time knowing your weaknesses. If, for example, you are a person who finds that you are not able to sustain your interest in projects in the long term, you can try to break up the project into smaller steps, and handle them one at a time.

This way, you would be able to successfully complete the task you have taken up, while at the same time sustaining interest in it throughout. You will naturally gain immense satisfaction from having managed to complete the task you had been given.

Think different; do not get stuck with the thought that you are weak at this, or at that. Instead, learn to set your goals that will help you overcome your weaknesses. In fact, do not even think of them as ‘weaknesses’ because it will hinder and hamper you and your progress to conquer them.

With a little bit of awareness and effort, and some small amount of perseverance, you will be able to successfully change your weaknesses into your strengths. All the best!



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