How To Overcome Resentment?

Can you recall the last time you held a grudge against someone? Perhaps it was a friend who betrayed you, a stranger who wronged you, a lover who left, or a parent who unintentionally hurt you.

Perhaps this has happened recently and feelings of regret, resentment, and injustice are fresh enough that it still stings. What can you do to overcome these feelings and painful memories?

What can you do to relinquish yourselves from feelings conjured up by other people’s actions?

This article takes a detailed look at how you can free yourselves from negative feelings of resentment and anger resulting from personal episodes of injustice.

Observing Resentment

When you drill deep into the root of resentment and anger, the cause always revolves around your ego and the mind’s attempt to protect it from extinction. Here is a series of thoughts while confronted with such a scenario:

Ego Shock – feelings of shock, followed by increased heart rate.

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