How To Make Impression With A Good And Appropriate Handshake?

Appropriate HandshakeDelivering an appropriate hand shake is more than a simple physical contact, which can usually make or break your foremost impression on a person.

A weak handshake that’s too feeble can express your weakness or lack of confidence in yourself.

A well-executed hand shake is anything which can express your self confidence, faith and a genuine interest in other person.

Understanding the exact way to shake someone’s hand can signify the difference between accomplishments and failures in normal business environments.

Positive as well as negative reactions are almost instantaneous and typically depend on first impressions. This is the reason why your eye contact, firmness or weakness of handshake and also your dominance plays a vital role in making a good impression.

Start with a perfect eye contact and a warm smile!

Handshake is not just a simple physical sign; rather it is more about connecting one person to another. It is considered as a way of greeting a person physically in order to express your feeling of pleasure when you meet a particular person. The best way to express your pleasure can be with your face and also eyes.

So, try to offer a handshake with a perfect eye contact with the other person and with a pleasing smile on your face. Remember to maintain eye contact throughout the shake.

Give a complete handshake!

Try to keep your hand open and ensure that your handshake must be a handshake, but not a palm or finger shake. Hold with your complete hand and make it stiff without crushing.

A good practice for this is to ask your friend in practicing your handshake grip. Always try to use only one hand, as using both of your hands can express resentment or intent to overwhelm.

Give a smooth yet confident shake!

Don’t show over excitement or enthusiasm while offering handshake. Try to handle it as smooth as possible and also with great confidence levels.

Other tips to follow while anticipating a handshake!

  • If you are carrying any food or drink in your hand, try to hold it in your weak hand to avoid a damp hand while shaking. If you have caught with any kind of food in your shaking hand, try to set it down if it is convenient, or else try to convey apologies for having full hands.
  • If you tend to have cold hands naturally, always try to keep your hands in pocket, in order to warm it up before delivering handshake.
  • Avoid delivering handshake with damp and moist hands and particularly if you have sweaty hands naturally. Try to put some antiperspirant on your hands before you offer any handshake.

Always remember not try to correct any one if they have offered you a poor handshake. These are certain essential tips which you need to follow while offering a handshake to any one. Try to follow these simple tips to make an impression.



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