How To Develop That Bond Of Trust With Your Co-Workers?

When you work with a group of people about eight or more hours a day, everyday, you do need to know that you can count on them, or at the very least, on a few of them; it can be very disconcerting and even frightening to know that you do not enjoy that bond of trust with your colleagues.

Not only will this affect your mental and physical well being and health, but it will also impact the peaceful working environment.

How do you go about strengthening and improving that bond of trust with your co-workers? Is it difficult to achieve, or can it be done overnight?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Always remain honest and true to your word. In other words, always say what you mean, and mean what you say. This in itself will make your co-workers believe in you and trust in you, and know that you will stick by your word.
  • I know that office gossip is all prevalent, and cannot be avoided completely. You can at least try to avoid the gossip, because gossip is something that can be extremely demotivating, and will end up pitting one colleague against the other. Set high standards, so that you never become directly involved in the gossip making its rounds.
  • If you have just started off in your new job, make sure you know all your co-workers’ names before you enter the office. This will help you bond with your co-workers, and make them more willing to help you. Imagine how you would feel if someone forgot your name, would you be ready to help him out the next time?
  • Smile. A pleasant face is definitely better than a stern and disagreeable expression, and you can make full use of the happy feeling that your smile will generate within your office.
  • Become fully involved in an ongoing conversation; learn a few good conversation tips, and pay attention to what your co-worker is saying and become fully involved. Never show your disinterest in your co-worker’s complaints/suggestions.
  • Adopt a neutral stance, so that you manage to develop and maintain that bond of trust with your co-workers.
  • Remain consistent in what you say and do within your workplace. This will make your co-workers trust you, and know that you will do as you say, and that you are a man who sticks to his given word.
  • Understand your mistakes, and try to correct them. You are not infallible, and you too can make mistakes, same as the other man, and if you acknowledge the fact, your co-workers will empathize with you, thereby strengthening the bond of trust between you.

Follow these simple guidelines, and become one of the most trustworthy individuals in your workplace, someone who enjoys the respect and love of his co-workers, and is able to get things done with a smile.



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