How To Cirque Around A Difficult Boss?

Most people have had to deal with a difficult boss. It’s the ‘role’ or the authority that stems from the role that makes certain people control-freaks.

difficult bossPeople subjected to such kind of authority feel their personal lives too are controlled by them, leaving them with a low self esteem and a stressful situation.

Here are some suggestions as to how to deal with a difficult boss:

  1. Try and not react to any kind of abuse or criticism with emotion. The key to handling such a situation is by accepting your mistake saying, ‘You’re right, I’m sorry.’ This enables you to sidestep their lashing power.
  2. It’s better to discuss your failings rather than confront. Try and deviate from the topic by discussing on other things like goals, interests and problem solving and then seek their advice as to what could be the ‘best’ way to get the work done. Believe me this technique works.
  3. Remember to have a backup plan before having that confrontation with your boss. That would enable you to walk away with your head held high should your discussion not go right.
  4. If you do not have a back-up plan, remember there is nothing you can do to change their nature, so accept it as it is, thereby making it easy on yourself not to be angry at them.
  5. Always remain a professional in your job. Just get the job done no matter what it takes and carry out the instructions dutifully.
  6. Think twice before you go confronting your boss. Ask yourself, have I given it my best shot? Am I satisfied with the way I have dealt with the work? Get opinions from your co-workers to evaluate your work.
  7. Encourage your boss’s good behaviour with undisguised praise.
  8. Always be prepared. Document everything, so that you are prepared to justify your stand if the need arises.
  9. Finally leave your work worries at work. Never take it home, because that will only add to your level of stress leaving you with no time to relax.


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