Find a Passion: It Can Change Your Life

We often read about it or see it in movies: the protagonist has a wonderful talent or a searing ambition that propels him or her to unimaginable levels of success and fame, even when they start with literally nothing.

This is obviously a dramatic scenario which doesn’t apply to a majority of us, but there is a kernel of truth here that we can get some inspiration from. Ideally if we all had a dream or a special talent, we would know what we want from life and then take the logical steps for achieving those goals.

For a vast majority of us, the scenario is more on these lines: when we graduated from school or college we wondered what to do with our lives rather than have a driving urge in any one particular direction. We seemed to have no outstanding talents, or any particular absorbing interests (listening to a particular metal band or playing video games for the better part of the day doesn’t qualify unfortunately).

How to find your passion

Find a Passion

Suppose you like to make music or you enjoy blogging, enjoy traveling or cooking, and so on. Ideally you should get a job in making music or blogging or being part of a travel show where they pay you to travel. This is not possible for most of us, and possibly you cannot hope to make a living out of such a ‘passion’. You may be stuck in a boring 9 to 5 job that you think isn’t ‘you’ at all.

Having a regular job doesn’t mean that you cannot indulge in your passion when not at work, to sustain yourself. Also the internet gives you plenty of opportunity to publicize your talents: there are blogs and video sharing sites where you can get positive feedback practically in days (however be prepared for some negative feedback as well).

This will give you an idea if your passion is also a talent – you should differentiate one from the other so that you save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run.

Find the good in your job

There is no point in moaning about your job. Instead try to find facets of it that interest you; volunteer for project that you may enjoy. It will show that you have initiative and will give you satisfaction. Perhaps you can look for a lateral change in this job. Or your abilities in a particular area could offer you the opportunity to transfer to another more interesting and relevant job.

Hone your talent

If you do have a passion or a talent, don’t make a half baked attempt at putting it before people. Instead get training in that area to try and get better and have the best likelihood of translating your passion into your job.

Take the leap

Moonlighting or indulging your passion in your own time will have given you an idea on how marketable your skills are. If you find that you can reasonably make the shift from your job to your passion, say from being a security guard to a writer, or a management consultant to a chef, or a teacher to a singer (or vice versa), then take the plunge. It may be a leap of faith… it may be one that changes your life!



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