End Paralyzing Fear Today

fearFear can be a positive or negative emotion depending on the situation.

In periods of real distress, fear can lead to a great deal of caution.

But in social situations and work situations, fear can be incredibly debilitating.

Shyness can cause you to miss out on opportunities and a fear of failure or debt can cause many people to freeze in their tracks. Oftentimes, the root cause of procrastination is fear.

The fear that the job will not be done or that it will be done poorly often freezes people in their tracks.

Learn to look at things objectively

If you feel like you are going to fail, try to assess the situation in an objective way. What really are your chances of success or failure?

If it really does seem like you will fail at a venture, perhaps its time to take a different approach or find a different venture.

But if your fears are irrational, keep the facts in mind. You are not a failure and your work will not be a failure if you remember this.

Focus on self-improvement

Sure, you might not have gotten all the work done today that you wanted to finish. You might not have lost the weight that you wanted to finish either. Do not worry.

Few people can make dramatic changes over night. Focus on making small improvements in the right direction.

Do not let others drag you down

If you feel that other people are trying to pull you down out of feelings of inferiority complex, there are three things you can do.

1. You can avoid them. 2. You can get them out of your life. 3. You can help them move up. Method 3 feels the best, but you must also help others become aware of their own abilities to make positive changes in their lives.

Learn from your mistakes

If you are terrified of taking on a project or idea, realize that you will get something out of that project even if you do fail. What is this? You will learn something: most likely what not to do.

Be sensitive to others

Other people might not be as ready for your big change as you are. Be prepared to offer them a sensitive ear and coach them gently on self-improvement. Just like with you, do not expect overnight success from anyone else.

Get justifiably angry

This must be taken with care. When people are causing unnecessary troubles or attempting to deliberately sabotage your improvements, do not become afraid of their hostility. Become angry. [Controlling Anger]

Anger lets others know that you mean business. Of course, be aware of the fact that many people might deliberately try to make you angry in order to make you look bad. Be sure that your anger is controlled and that you are still articulating.

Be strongly assertive, not rageful. Everyone has a right to be angry when they are mistreated and anger is often the key to getting out of a terrifying situation.



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