Disagreeing With People Is Not Always Arguing

arguingMany people are afraid to put across their opinions, fearful of an argument being caused.

By using a simple strategy, you can start to be honest about what you are feeling and it will increase your self confidence.

The first step is how you perceive a disagreement to be. Instead of fearing it to be the beginning of an awkward argument, view it instead as a voicing of different opinions.

With this shift of focus, you will straight away feel more comfortable and more inclined to find out more about the alternative view being held.

There are no winners or losers just two very different opinions on a certain matter. Often by exchanging ideas, each exponent will slightly change their outlook and discover a different level of understanding thanks to this type of healthy discussion.

Spending time trying to avoid an argument, is very negative and quite stressful, this in itself can cause tension. Often it is not possible to alter person’s beliefs so frustration can be another feeling resulting from not being upfront.

If you are working closely with someone and you both have very different approaches, you must be prepared to make equal compromises. This can still ultimately satisfy each party because this approach will be mutually more agreeable than choosing one as opposed to the other.

Being true to yourself gives other people much more chance of getting to know your opinions and appreciating your outlook on life, resulting in a lot more harmony and understanding.



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